Yes. Within Limits. To protect your business equipment, you must own it personally. The equipment cannot be owned by your LLC or Corporation.  An LLC and a Corporation are separate legal entities. What they own is not the same as what you own. For example,  to protect a vehicle used in a business, it  must […]

Yes! On March 7, 2022 a new Colorado law expanded the definition of dwelling to  include tiny homes, railway cars, shipping or cargo containers or sheds and even yurts. Dwellings qualify for the Colorado Homestead Exemption. The amount of the Homestead Exemption was also increased in the same legislation. The Homestead Exemption  has  been increased  […]

Recent Colorado Law changes now allows you to protect up too  $2,500 total  in your bank account or accounts regardless of the source of the funds when you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  This is a huge change in the law.  Previously,  money  needed to  be from certain sources  such as, wages, […]