What happens if I transfer my interest in my house or other property  without receiving fair market value within one year  before I file Bankruptcy? You will likely cause yourself a lot of problems. One problem is that the Trustee or a creditor may file an action against you in the Bankruptcy Court to prevent […]

Yes. The updated Colorado Law provides: “Any past or present child support obligation owed by a parent or child support payment made by a parent that is required by a support order is exempt from levy under writ of attachment or writ of execution for any debt owed by either parent.” It needs to be […]

The new Colorado Exemption law   protects a mobile home, manufactured home, trailer and trailer coach that you live in on one or more lots that  you own as a homestead. Your home and your lot or lots are protected in same amounts as a site-built house on one or more lots. The law specifically refers […]