In addition to the Trustee and creditors’ ability to prevent a discharge under section 727 of the Bankruptcy Code  for transfers with in one year of filing,  there is another section of the Bankruptcy code to be concerned about. Under section 548 of the Bankruptcy Code, a Trustee has the ability to go back two […]

What happens if I transfer my interest in my house or other property  without receiving fair market value within one year  before I file Bankruptcy? You will likely cause yourself a lot of problems. One problem is that the Trustee or a creditor may file an action against you in the Bankruptcy Court to prevent […]

Yes. The updated Colorado Law provides: “Any past or present child support obligation owed by a parent or child support payment made by a parent that is required by a support order is exempt from levy under writ of attachment or writ of execution for any debt owed by either parent.” It needs to be […]