The Colorado exemptions protecting property increased in April of 2022.  One of biggest benefits is  $2,500 in protection for the total amount of money in bank accounts. Previously there was  no protection for money in bank accounts unless it was social security, disability (with limits) or wages (80% protected). If someone  gave you money […]

No.  This is a common misconception that may people have when considering filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It may even complicate your case.  If you pay an unsecured creditor such a credit card company more than $600 in total within the 90 days before you file bankruptcy, the payment is considered a preferential […]

Yes. The Statement of Financial Affairs portion of the Bankruptcy Petition specifically asks in question 9 if you have been involved in a lawsuit, court action or administrative proceeding in the last year. This includes personal injury lawsuits as well as all other types of legal actions. Paragraph 33 of Section A/B  (asset section) of […]