Yes. The updated Colorado Law provides: “Any past or present child support obligation owed by a parent or child support payment made by a parent that is required by a support order is exempt from levy under writ of attachment or writ of execution for any debt owed by either parent.” It needs to be […]

The new Colorado Exemption law   protects a mobile home, manufactured home, trailer and trailer coach that you live in on one or more lots that  you own as a homestead. Your home and your lot or lots are protected in same amounts as a site-built house on one or more lots. The law specifically refers […]

Protection may depend on the type of disability benefits that you are receiving. Social Security Disability and VA Disability are protected under Federal Law. Colorado’s new Exemption Law is intended to protect disability  that is not already protected. Any claim for public or private disability benefits or proceeds thereof that  is not already protected  by […]