Protection may depend on the type of disability benefits that you are receiving. Social Security Disability and VA Disability are protected under Federal Law. Colorado’s new Exemption Law is intended to protect disability  that is not already protected. Any claim for public or private disability benefits or proceeds thereof that  is not already protected  by […]

No. The 2022 Colorado Exemption law now protects Health Savings Accounts from creditors and the Bankruptcy Trustee. Prior to the updated law, a Health Savings Account in Colorado was not protected in bankruptcy. You should always consult with your attorney regarding your specific situation  when considering filing bankruptcy.

Yes. Within Limits. To protect your business equipment, you must own it personally. The equipment cannot be owned by your LLC or Corporation.  An LLC and a Corporation are separate legal entities. What they own is not the same as what you own. For example,  to protect a vehicle used in a business, it  must […]