In Colorado, if you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and  you are owed a tax refund, the Bankruptcy Trustee can take all or a portion of the refund attributable to over withholding  of taxes and various tax credits.  The Trustee cannot take the “Additional Child Tax Credit” or the “Earned Income Credit” Because they are protected […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

It’s true bankruptcy offers reprieve from financial burden. But the hit your credit score takes following Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can be just as stressful. Do not despair; you can repair your damaged credit. We’ve aimed the following steps at helping you create better spending habits and be mindful of your current debt. If […]

When a business or an individual faces overwhelming debt, it can seem like there is no way out. For those who find themselves in this position, they can file bankruptcy and get a “fresh start.” Within the Federal Bankruptcy Code, there are several different ways for individuals and businesses to file bankruptcy. Learn the difference […]