On April 1, 2022 the median income changed for each state. In Colorado the median income increased to $72,952 for a household of  1 person. It increased to $92,321 for a household of 2 people, $100,744 for a household of 3 people and $120,898 for a household of four people. For each person over 4 […]

What are some of the documents needed for  filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy  or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? You will need a current Driver’s License  or  other current government issued picture ID. You will need a  signed Social Security Card so the Bankruptcy Trustee can verify the Social Security Number on the Bankruptcy Petition is correct. Your […]

In Colorado, if you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and  you are owed a tax refund, the Bankruptcy Trustee can take all or a portion of the refund attributable to over withholding  of taxes and various tax credits.  The Trustee cannot take the “Additional Child Tax Credit” or the “Earned Income Credit” Because they are protected […]